I can teach piano, music theory, and a combination of both. People of all ages and abilities are very welcome, whether you’ve never sat at a piano or you’ve got your teeth in difficult repertoire. I’m happy either working towards graded exams or without that structure.

There’s no “teaching formula” and every learner develops in their natural, unique way. I want to awaken as much love for music as possible in my students and encourage them to enjoy playing music. I see myself as patient, sympathetic and enthusiastic, creating a positive environment based on improvement over time.

Technique is naturally important, and I do cover scales and exercises in lessons. Technique’s also grounded in freedom – what matters is not just being able to play, but the way you play, how you support and free yourself.

Do get in touch if you’d like to learn with me in the future.

Teaching values

I care about teaching because it’s building a community. Some learners might become the musicians of the future. Many will not, which is absolutely fine: learning music develops many transferrable skills, such as perseverance, listening, creativity, agility, and empathy. You’ll also be able to listen to the “language of music” in performances and recordings.

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I follow the ISM Safeguarding Code of Conduct and Guidance for Private Music Teachers (from page 5).