Music is a safe space open to everybody – no matter who they are, or their ability, age, background, disability, personal traits, and so on.

Music bridges boundaries. My work is open to anyone regardless of their opinions, political stance, ability, and experience.

I promise never to commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women. Change starts with men: please encourage any men you know to sign the White Ribbon promise. Anyone can sign the promise to stand with victims of male violence.

While I sit around noodling and scribbling music, people will die from climate change. The window to save the planet is closing. There won’t be space for music in a scorched, disintegrating world, and the time to act is now. The future cannot be silent. I’ve signed up to Music Declares Emergency; I recognise the climate impact of my life and music and I’ll fight it for our future.

I create a safe, comfortable, professional, and respectful space, in person, in my work, and online. I deal with all students, clients, and collaborators in a professional, friendly, and open manner.

There is no space for violence, harassment, intimidation, exploitation, discrimination, manipulation or other shady deeds in the world of music. No space. I apply this to myself and expect this of other professional musicians, no matter their fame or artistry.

I embrace collaboration, open debate, questions, and constructive criticism. I won’t express anger towards students, clients or collaborators.

I respect everyone’s individuality and personal story. My work is inclusive of gender, sexual orientation, identity, age, ethnicity, appearance, disability, and any other protected characteristics.

I understand that everybody has difficulties and needs specific to them. I will respectfully work with any visible or hidden disabilities, health conditions, and other circumstances to create the best outcome for all.

For children and vulnerable adults, I follow the ISM Safeguarding Code of Conduct and Guidance for Private Music Teachers (from page 5). I currently follow this guidance as a non-ISM member.