Collaborative piano and accompaniment

An accompanist isn’t just a living backing track – they are an equal creative partner, a supporter, and often responsible for calming nerves. A good collaborative pianist can help others perform at their best. Unexpected things happen in essentially every performance, and it falls to the pianist to smoothly hold the performance together.

Amber Reeves Pigott“Come away death,” Madeleine Dring


I have won pianist prizes in the RCM English song competition and Schumann Lieder competition, and played for many many singers and singing lessons.

Being a singer’s pianist is a dynamic and creative role, not a subordinate slog. I’m imagining the singer’s text unfolding as I play and “acting the story out through the piano.” I’m also secretly a bit of a pilot, giving the singer flexibility around certain words and moving them towards the key word of the phrase. They don’t usually notice – or if they do they don’t tell me – but I know it makes a difference.

Piano duo

I play in a piano duo with my brother George. Find out more

George and Jack CampbellDebussy: En blanc et noir